If it’s craft beer they like, we’ve got a craft beer gift set they’ll love.

Goose Island Craft Beer Gift Sets | Treat The Hophead In Your Life

Don’t scratch your head over the next gift-giving occasion

Kit them out with Goose Island beer gift sets you won’t find anywhere else. And if you’ve worked up a thirst with all this philanthropy, grab some beers for yourself while you’re at it.

Stock the fridge, wardrobe or home bar set up.

No matter what you pick, we think you’ll find a craft beer gift set always goes down rather well. Goose Island beer gift sets bring together the best of the best. So you can click, wrap, gift and revel in that do-gooder satisfaction of a gift well done.

Decisions, decisions.

Stuck on the choice of gifts? Craft beer itself can’t be overlooked. Choose from our bestselling award-winners that’ve been crowd-favourites since the ‘90s. Or opt for craft beer gifts a little less known. An adventurous ale, perhaps, or a limited release soon to become a collector’s item.

Do the double. Or triple.

When it comes to Goose Island beer gift sets, we’d encourage you to put your own spin on it too. Grab an IPA mixed pack and the perfect heritage glass. Or DIY craft beer gift set with a T-shirt to match.

Simply put, craft beer gifts are the best kind of gifts. We’re not biased, are we?