The world’s most popular beer? You guessed it, it’s lager.

Goose Island Lager

You might have heard: when brewers try a new brewery, they ask for the lager.

Delicate and harder to brew exactly right, it’s thought this is the best show of exacting technique. We’d invite you to put us to the test with our Goose Island lager too. We’ve been perfecting it since we first brewed as our house lager back in ‘88, so it’s ready to impress.

Our Goose Island lager is Helles style.

Czech Pilsners were hogging the limelight until Munich came up with their own Helles style. Helles lager matures at a low-temperature, a process known as ‘lagering’, funnily enough.

Goose Island lager is both rich and refreshing, with a caramel maltiness and a subtle Saaz earthy hops spice.