No Goose is an island. So join the family with authentic Goose Island merch.

Authentic Goose Island merch.

Get your home bar setup sorted

Grab yourself some Goose Island merchandise and you’ll have the craft beer essentials every hophead’s home pub needs. Pull your pints with a proper Goose tap head. Adorn your walls and clothe your landlord and lady (yep, that’s you we’re talking about). When it’s this good, you wouldn’t want anything but authentic Goose Island merch really, would you?

We’re a load of craft beer fans here

So we think up Goose Island merchandise based on the stuff we know and love from our own collections. We hope you’ll find something you rate too.

Beer like it’s meant to be tasted

When it comes to glassware, Goose Island merch is the only way. Sip your ales from a vintage glass, and your favourite IPAs from a classic pint glass. We’ve got heritage styles a’plenty. You'd expect nothing less from merchandise Goose Island style.