Two To Tango DDH IPA, 1 x 440ml

Two To Tango : “People or parties responsible for making a situation possible or creating a problem.”


Time to dance with our new double dry-hopped IPA, which tastes of soft marmalade and smooth mint, with a subtle citrus tang. We double dry-hopped Two To Tango with two of our own hops: Callista and - yep, you guessed it - Tango.


It’s a problem-solver, bred to deliver big aroma and high yields and withstand climate change, which is making it harder to grow hops. We don’t just grow our own hops to get the best flavour. With hop innovation, we can brew beers for a better future.


For those unfamiliar, when dry-hopping a beer you add hops to the fermenting beer on the ‘cold side’ (e.g. after it boils). This means the hops infuse the beer with delicate aromas, without imparting bitterness extracted from the ‘hot side’ (e.g. in a boil) addition. To get maximum hop character for this double dry-hopped beer, we did this twice.


1 x 440ml cans.

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Midway Session IPA, 1 X 330ml


Session IPA



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Anticipation IPA, 1 x 440ml

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Our friends at Townend Farm harvest a whole season's sunshine in one glorious September morning. They harvested their experimental CF-273 hops especially for us. Bursting with flavours of citrus fruits and papaya, we brewed with them the same day for maximum freshness. The result is a wet-hop IPA that radiates the last of summer's golden glow.


1 x 440ml can.


Fresh-Hop IPA




Malted Barley, Oats, Wheat

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Two To Tango DDH IPA, 1 x 440ml
Midway Session IPA, 1 X 330ml
Anticipation IPA, 1 x 440ml

Benjamin, 28

A good satisfying brew, refreshing and good bitter-sweet aftertaste. I thoroughly recommend it for Summer BBQs or a quiet night...

Tom, 32

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The Goose Island IPA

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Goose Island IPA

A British Summer Holiday in a can

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Are there other beers like this?

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