Ever fancy yourself as a renegade rebel? You’ll feel right at home amongst our Goose Island Belgian beer and speciality ales.

Goose Island Speciality Ales

Belgium may be small, but Belgian beer variety sure isn’t.

Stumble across a bar in Belgium, and you might be choosing from hundreds of types of Belgian beer on the tap list. On home turf in the UK, Belgian beer is nearly as varied too, though as a word of warning - they may be a fair bit stronger than their British cousins.

Goose Island Belgian beer is all about distinctive ingredients

Whether that’s our carefully chosen hops, or an adventurous wild yeast, we take the opportunity to explore. Goose Island Belgian beer takes classic Belgian beer recipes and goes deliciously different from the tried and tested.

If you’re from the UK, Belgian beer might be a walk on the wild side

Though we’re used to crystal clear beer here in the UK, Belgian beer can be bottle conditioned and may contain a bit of harmless sediment. So if you try a Belgian beer that’s a bit sludgy, don’t resist. It’s all part of the adventure.