Scratching your head over the next gift-giving occasion? Kit them out with Goose Island beers, beer gift sets and exclusive limited edition beers you won’t find anywhere else.

Stock their fridge, wardrobe or home bar set up. No matter what you pick, we think you’ll find a craft beer gift set always goes down rather well. Goose Island beer gifts for men bring together the best of the best. So you can click, wrap, gift and have confidence in a great beer gift well done.

Decisions, decisions. Stuck on the choice of gifts? Craft beer itself can’t be overlooked. Choose from our bestselling award-winners that’ve been crowd-favourites since the ‘90s. Or opt for craft beer gifts a little less known. An adventurous ale, perhaps, or a limited release soon to become a collector’s item. Do the double. Or triple.

When it comes to Goose Island beer gift sets, we’d encourage you to put your own spin on it too. Grab an IPA mixed pack or DIY craft beer gift set with a T-shirt to match. Simply put, craft beer gifts are the best kind of gifts. We’re not biased, are we?

Not sure where to start? Our guide takes you through some of the best beer gifts for men. Whether they like their classic IPAs, hazy beers, Belgian ales or a little bit of everything, we’ll help you find it. 



Our Summer Sessions IPA mixed case is a great beer gift for men. Tropical and balanced, this juicy pair brings you the refreshment you crave in a session strength beer.


Today’s Haze - Tropical | Fruity | Juicy

A crushable and sessionable hazy IPA, Today’s Haze is flooded with mango, citrus and stone-fruit character. It tastes just how turning your out-of-office on feels.

Midway - Light | Tropical | Easy

Our flagship session IPA, Midway is packed with notes of mandarin, melon, and pink grapefruit. A refreshing and well-balanced beer, this one won’t disappoint.

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Summer Sessions IPA Mixed Case


“Excellent beer, one of the best I’ve tasted”

- George D.


"Refreshing, totally tasty and a little bit cheeky

- Bernard B.

The bottom line: This pair of session IPAs are easy-drinkers packed full of tropical hop flavour - a great crowd pleaser.



Beer is to Belgium what wine is to France. More, maybe. It’s so deeply ingrained in culture, it’s recognised by UNESCO world heritage. It’ll be no surprise then that we were inspired to put a Chicago twist on classic Belgian styles. And with our Belgian beer gift selection, they’ll get our take on the best classic styles out there. 

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Belgian Mixed Case


Sofie - Dry | Bright | Citrus

Our barrel aged saison Sofie is seriously zesty. You know she’s a good one when we named it after our founder's granddaughter. Aged in wine barrels with stacks of orange peel for tongue-twisting tartness, this is one special Saison.

Matilda - Floral | Funky | Wild

Wild in character, our Belgian style pale ale, Matilda, is inspired by the great Trappist ales. Using a wild yeast strain, she’s less predictable and more expressive with a complex flavour and satisfying dry finish.


“Loved this saison, so refreshing”

- Benjamin W.


“This is a masterpeice”

- Blake D.

The bottom line: With approachable and complex brews, our Belgian case is a great beer gift for men.



Three IPAs. Two sessionable, one stronger. Two clear classics, one hazy newbie. Three ways to taste hop-forward flavour. Three beers to enjoy. This beer gift makes an excellent choice for a seasoned IPA pro or someone who’s just dipping their toe into the world of craft beer.


IPA - Piney | Citrusy | Hoppy

Our flagship IPA recipe has barely changed since 1990, but why would you when it’s a six-time medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. It’s deftly balanced, but still packs a dry-hopped piney, citrussy punch.

Midway - Light | Tropical | Easy

Our easy-drinking session IPA, Midway might be lower in alcohol with a lighter malt body, but it still delivers big-time on flavour.

Today’s Haze - Tropical | Fruity | Juicy

It’s tropical, it’s juicy, it’s our hazy IPA - Today’s Haze. Flooded with mango, citrus and stone-fruit character, we’ve left this one unfiltered with its hazy look of gold sun through thick clouds.

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - IPA Players Mixed Case


“Simply the best IPA I’ve tasted”

- Wes B.


“Always been a lager drinker. . Until now! I've been reading alot about IPA recently and finally decided to give in and try. So glad I went with Goose Island and these 3 in particular. My favourite has to be the standard IPA at 5.9ABV. The only issue, and it's not really one. . Is that it goes down so easy! Gorgeous stuff. The product, delivery and customer service was second to none. I'll definitely be buying more and encouraging friends and family to do the same”

- Dave

The bottom line: With approachable and complex brews, our Belgian case is a great beer gift for men.



Get them a selection of our classic beers with our Goose Greatest Hits case. With all our best selling beers in one case this is the ideal beer gift for men. Whether they’re new to Goose or familiar with our own grown hops, you know they won’t disappoint as they all have the best selling seal of approval.

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Goose Greatest Hits

IPA - Piney | Citrusy | Classic

An award-winner for a few good reasons. Bold citrussy hops, for one. Smooth balance, for two. And heritage for three. As one of the first craft beers in America, our IPA has truly stood the test of time.

Midway - Light | Tropical | Easy

Less of the strength, all of the flavour. Halfway to an IPA, Midway is packed full of tropical hop flavour. A great easy-drinking session beer.

Golden Goose - Malty | Crisp | Smooth

An update to a classic Goose Island recipe, originally brewed in the Clybourn Brewpub (Chicago) in 1988, and adopted by our award winning brewmaster Andrew in London, 30 years later. A Helles style lager, Golden Goose pours a deliciously deep golden colour, full bodied and rich with a hint of caramel sweetness with pinch of spice from our noble hops.


"Great selection , great beer - Being reasonably familiar with Goose Bay beers , the IPAs in particular, this pack was an opportunity not be missed . I was very impressed with the Golden Goose lager .I would also add that the service, delivery etc was first class at a difficult time . Marvellous, outright marvellous."

- Peter G.


“Great beer - This is a very tasty selection of beer. Good value and quick delivery.”

- Ian A.

Bottom line: Why settle for one, when you can have all three best-selling beers. Our Golden Goose Greatest Hits case ticks all the boxes, making it a great choice when you’re looking for beer gifts for men.



You might not be able to send them on a tropical holiday, but they’ll feel like they're lying on a hammock swinging between two palm trees sipping this selection. This hazy trio will put them on cloud nine with our favourite juicy IPAs.


Today’s Haze - Tropical | Fruity | Juicy

This hazy IPA is so good, it’s become a permanent member of the Goose family. With mango, citrus and stone-fruit character, this sessionable IPA is a ‘right now’ kinda beer. Perfect anytime, anywhere.

Tropic Beam - Tropical | Hazy | Fruity

Like a sunbeam bursting through clouds, this fruity NEIPA lights up the taste buds with a mellow sweetness that's as refreshing as a sunset stroll in a tropical storm.

Juicy Future - Juicy | Orangey | Smooth

This one might be the new kid on the block, but Juicy Future certainly lives up to its name. Made with our own sustainably grown Tango hop for extra orangeyness, it's like a holiday in a can.

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Haze Craze IPA Mixed Case


"This is the best NEIPA I’ve had hands down"

- Ben


"Nice solid tropical haze IPA. Another winner from Goose Island"

- David B.

Bottom line: Hazy beers are all the craze right now, so you’ll be sure to put a smile on any craft beer drinker's face with this tropical bundle. 



Still struggling to make a decision? Why not get them a selection of all our classic beers with our explorer case. Goose Island was one of the first to introduce craft beer to America back in 1988, and we’ve used that time wisely. With this selection, they’ll discover fine examples of six different beer styles: two IPAs, two Belgian Ales and a Helles style lager. Is there really a better beer gift for men?!

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Goose Island Explorer Case


IPA - Piney | Citrusy | Classic

No Goose Island Explorer mixed beer case would be complete without our flagship IPA. Discover the malty balance of an English bitter with a pine-citrus kick of American hops. It's barely changed since 1990, with plenty of medals to show for it.

Midway - Light | Tropical | Easy

The clue’s in the name. It’s midway to an IPA, with all the flavour, less of the strength. With tropical fruit a-plenty, it’s hard to resist settling in for a session with this.

Today’s Haze - Tropical | Fruity | Juicy

The latest addition to the Island, this crushable number is flooded with mango, citrus and stone fruit character, and left unfiltered for a full-bodied hoppy aroma, flavour and texture.

Golden Goose - Malty | Crisp | Smooth

A craft beer mixed case is a sure way to find beers packing serious flavour. Our lager is no exception. It's rich yet refreshing. Smooth with a hint of hop spice. In short, it’s guzzleable.

Sofie - Dry | Bright | Citrus

We age this Belgian ale with orange peel in wine barrels for a tart, zesty taste. It’s an ideal occasion sipper. Even if that occasion is a Wednesday night.

Matilda - Floral | Funky | Wild

Our twist on a historic style. We brew Matilda with wild yeast for an untameable, expressive flavour. Expect complex dried fruit and a satisfying dry finish.


“The selection box was a great way to try more. So far they’re all excellent!”

- Anna B.


“Fantastic beers guys”

- Michael M.

Bottom line: Whether they’re new to Goose Island or a seasoned IPA drinker, this selection contains all our classics making it the ideal beer gift


How about a craft beer gift set with a Goose T-shirt, a Vintage Ale Glass or a trucker cap?

Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite pieces of merch that would make a great gift for Goose Island fans.


Buying a beer gift and want to be sure they’ll love it? You can’t go wrong with this bundle. Made up of our Helles style lager, Golden Goose, and a logo printed t-shirt this is the ultimate gift for the Goose Island drinker.


Golden Goose - Malty | Crisp | Smooth

It might’ve been originally brewed in the Clybourn Brewpub (Chicago) in 1988, but our award winning brewmaster Andrew has put his own spin on Golden Goose 30 years later. This Helles style lager has a great clean, crisp and refreshing taste and pours a deliciously deep golden colour - it’s a classic for a reason.

Blue Goose Island T-shirt

Because who doesn’t love a logo tee? Our blue Goose Island T-shirt has a distressed, vintage-style print and makes a great gift to any beer fan.

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Blue T-Shirt + Golden Goose Gift Set


"Lovely soft t-shirt - Really nice material and finish. Love the Goose Island logo!”

- Joe F.


“Best lager I’ve had in a long time”

- Chris J.

Bottom line: The gift that keeps on giving. With a t-shirt bundle they’ll get to enjoy your gift for years to come.


Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Goose Island Trucker Cap

Are they always in cap? Get them a fresh new look with our Goose Island Trucker cap.

Sun’s out? Caps on. They’ll be looking sharp and representing the flock in our logo cap. 

Bottom line: When can you ever really go wrong with a cap?! This makes a great beer gift for men, without the beer - but let’s face it, it’ll last longer than a six pack! 


What does every beer drinker need? Some fancy glassware to enjoy it in.

Based on a traditional design, our Goose Island Vintage Ale Glass has become a firm favourite amongst craft beer drinkers. The stemmed glasses are particularly well suited to our specialty ales, but are also a great way to enjoy our IPAs.

Bottom line: This Vintage Ale Glass is sure to take pride of place on their shelf for years to come, and combined with a selection of their favourite beers, you’ll be giving them a beer gift to remember. 

Goose Island Beer Gifts For Men - Vintage Ale Glass

Buying beer gifts for men can be difficult, but we guarantee you won’t go wrong with one of our beer gift sets - we have something for everyone. See the full selection here.